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The mission of the CBA Markert Library program is to teach information literacy in collaboration with classroom teachers within the context of the content curriculum, inspire and develop a love of reading, and provide diverse materials and services to enable students to become life-long learners and effective users of information.













Multimedia Copyright Rules


Multimedia projects take the words, images, music and video of others and combine them to make a new product. Even in the classroom, there are strict limits on what students can use, and how they can be shown.

Students can show their own educational multimedia projects in the course for which they were created (not assemblies) and may use them in their own portfolios as examples of their academic work for later personal uses such as job and graduate school interviews.



Only the amount of materials specified by the guidelines are permissible.


Motion Media

(any kind of video)

10% or 3 minutes, whichever is less

Prose:  10% or 1000 words, whichever is less

Poem (less than 250 words): entire poem, but not more than 3 poems by the same poet, or 5 poems by different poets from any one anthology (book)

Poem (250 + words):  up to 250 words from a poem, but no more than 3 excerpts from any one poet, or 5 excerpts by different poets from any one anthology


Music & lyrics

Up to 10%, but NEVER more than 30 seconds

The music may NOT be altered to change the basic melody and character of the piece


No more than 5 images by the same artist/photographer

No more than 10% or 15 images from any image collection (from a website). Images from databases are unlimited.

Databases (such as Excel) Up to 10% or 2500 fields or cells, whichever is less




Time Limits

Students may use multimedia projects in the course only, retaining one archived copy for portfolio use (graduate school/job)